Date Thu 26 November 2009 Tags gadgets

The bag that comes with the Asus eee is fine for carrying the computer, but doesn't have any space for the charger or other bits and pieces that you might want to carry about.

I already have a TechAir rucksack that will hold my notebook and has several extra compartments for accessories. However, it's really too large if I just wanted to carry the Asus eee and a few other bits and pieces. What I was looking for was a bag that would fit the following criteria:

  • Hold my Asus eee.
  • Padded to help prevent accidental damage.
  • Had space for an iPod, usb memory stick and things like notebook and pens.
  • Hard wearing.
  • Mustn't be too big, or too expensive!

Eventually I found the Proporta Gadget Bag which seemed to fit my requirements exactly. The case is made out of some sort of ballistic nylon material and has three compartments. The main compartment is just the right size for the Asus eee and has a separate removable pocket which will hold extras like memory cards. Just above the pocket is an elastic strap, which could hold something like a portable battery charger.

There are two pockets on the front of the case, which will hold my iPod, the charger for the Asus eee paper notebook and usb memory stick. There is an aperture which allows you to feed headphones and charging cables through each section. A nice additional feature is the ability to unzip the two front pockets from the main compartment and use them separately.

My bag came with two clip on shoulder straps. After a bit of chopping and sewing I managed to convert one of these into a carrying handle, thus covering all carrying options.

Nothing is perfect. It would be nice to have some more small internal compartments inside the front pockets and a pen holder. However, overall I am very satisfied with the gadget bag. In fact I like it so much I am going to buy another one to hold all the children's gadgets for traveling in the car.


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