Date Mon 13 December 2010 Tags gadgets
--- excerpt: "My new smartphone, a replacement for my Nokia 5800." ---

I have owned a Nokia 5800 for more than a year and have been very happy with it. However, a recent disaster meant that I ended up with two wrecked 5800 phones. I wanted to replace it with something similar and began looking around to see what was available. Browsing the allaboutsymbian site I found a detailed review of the Nokia C6-01 . This looked as though it would fit my requirements, but it wasn't yet available to buy. So I spent about a month using my old E61. For a four year old phone this performs very well. I installed the Symbian Podcatcher, which made it easy to download and listen to my podcast subscriptions. There is a version of Ovi maps available for the E61, but this is very slow on the E61. The only other thing I really missed was having a camera on the phone.

I had pre-ordered my C6-01 from Expansys and a couple of days ago I got notification that stock had arrived. I have now had the C6-01 for a couple of days and so far am very impressed:

  • Screen: this is an active matrix OLED and a definite improvement on the 5800, with brighter and more saturated colours. It also performs better outside in bright sunlight.
  • Multiple home screens: I haven't really set these up properly, but I can see this feature being very useful. I can set up different home screens for messaging, Internet and multimedia.
  • Camera: after the E61 it's good to have a camera with me all the time. Although quality isn't as good as a dedicated camera, it's fine for casual shots when I don't have my "proper" camera with me.
  • Music player: I don't listen to much music, but am an avid podcast listener. I am glad to see that Nokia have re-instated the "Recently added" list. I use this a lot to play new podcasts without having to remember what I have downloaded. Currently the music player can download podcasts, but the Symbian podcatcher does an excellent job.
  • Videos: I often watch TV programs transcoded from my MythTV box in h264 format. Some devices have problems playing h264, but the C6-01 handles my recordings OK.
  • Capacitive keyboard: I am having trouble with this at the moment. Often the pop up that shows which key you have pressed is hidden by my finger. I have slim fingers, but am having trouble hitting keys accurately. However, I have the sam trouble with my son's iPod, so I think its just a matter of practise.
  • Battery life: I have really stressed the phone yet. However, it easily makes it through a day with plenty of charge left.
  • Email: I got syncing with Google contacst and Gmail working with no problems. After a bit of a faff I did manage to get it to talk to my standard imap4 server.


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