Date Sun 17 October 2010 Tags linux
--- summary: "Moving to a new firewall. Installing Squid 3.0 and Privoxy." ---

In my continuing quest for the perfect firewall for my requirements, I have moved from eBox - recently renamed Zentyal to Shorewall . The problem with Zentyal was that I was only using a tiny portion of its capabilities. It isn't just a firewall, but has mail, gateway and a whole host of other things available. As a result I had loads of processes running on the Epia box that runs my firewall, that were consuming resources, but not doing anything useful. Also, I wanted to kae some Squid customizations and run Privoxy in combination with Squid, which wasn't possible using Zentyal.

So I went back to a basic Ubuntu Lucid install and the got Shorewall from the repositories. I followed the Two Interface guide and soon I had a functioning firewall. I installed Squid 3.0 and set up a transparent proxy for the network. Once I had Squid working, I installed Privoxy, mainly so I could have network wide ad-blocking without having to install AdBlock on every computer.

In order to get Squid to use Privoxy as a cache peer, I added the following to the end of my squid.conf:

# Use privoxy as a cache peer.
cache_peer parent 8118 7 no-query

# Forward all the rest to Privoxy
never_direct allow all


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