Date Sat 04 January 2014 Tags gadgets
Anker multi port recharger.

Like most people I and my family have multiple gadgets that require recharging at regular intervals. In recent years most gadgets can be recharged via a micro usb cable. However, not all charger plugs are equal. Many don't supply sufficient output to recharge things like iPads and Kindles. So if you want to recharge an iPad something like a Kindle recharging plug isn't going to work. What I really wanted was a single device that would recharge any of our gadgets, preferably more than one at a time.

Anker multi port recharger.

Browsing Amazon I can across the Anker 25W 5A 5-Port USB Wall Charger. This small device has five usb ports that will recharge almost any gadget that can be charged via micro usb. Two of the ports output 2.1 amps and will recharge anything including iPads, Nexus 7's and Kindle Fires. The two 1 amp outputs will recharge most smartphones and the 1 amp port will also charge many smartphones, albeit at a slower rate. I have tested this device simultaneously recharging an iPad, a Nexus 7 and a Samsung Galaxy 2. I can see it being very useful on holiday, when I only need to remember to take the Anker and five micro usb cables, which will recharge any of our gadgets. No more searching around for device specific usb plugs.


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