Manfrotto Mini Pixi Tripod

I have recently bought a Osmo Pocket and want to make some videos that require the Osmo to be mounted on a tripod. I already have a Velbon full sized tripod, that belonged to my father, which I could use. I want to use the Osmo on some mountain walks and to record some climbing. In the past I have carted the Velbon strapped to the outside of my rucksack, but the extra weight has put me off taking it with me on a regular basis. I have also got a Gorilla Pod clone, which is good on uneven ground, but isn't particularly stable.

There are lots of mini tripods available on Amazon, but I noticed the Manfrotto Pixi was on sale for £12.50. Full sized Manfrotto tripods have a good reputation, so I decided to purchase the Mini Pixi. The legs are non extendable and have a small rubber pod at the ends of the feet that help to stop the tripod sliding on slippy surfaces. When the legs are closed you can use the tripod as a grip.

Like many other mini tripods there is a ball and socket joint that allows you to tilt and pan the camera. To tilt and pan you press the small button and rotate the head to the desired position than simply let the button go to lock the head. This makes it much easier to adjust the position of the head accurately unlike systems which require you to manually tighten a friction joint.

I tried the tripod my Canon DSLR with a standard lens and it was stable, so it should be OK with any compact camera or phone. It costs £19.50 on Amazon at the moment, but I was lucky enough to pick it up in a flash sale for £12.70.

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