LG Soundbar

This seems to have disappeared from Prime in the last couple of days, but is available from third parties. It was £55 when I bought it on Prime a couple of days ago.

I wanted to get a speaker that was better than the built in one in our Samsung TV. I didn't need something with Hi Fi quality, but just significantly better than the built in speakers. The LG had good reviews, although I think that the claimed 100W output is probably a decimal point error.

Sound quality is good for TV use and OK for music, but lacking in bass. It has optical, jack and bluetooth inputs. The latter attracted me as part of my plan to have a BT speaker in every room in the house. It comes with a remote control, which was a bit redundant since it worked fine with the TV remote volume control. It paired with my phone via BT, so I can use it when nobody is watching the TV. There is an app on the Play Store. However, it failed completely to work for me and most recent reviewers. However, you don't need an app anyway!

It's long, so check the dimensions to make sure it will fit on your cabinet without overhanging the ends.