Turbo Trainer

I swore that I would never buy a turbo trainer, as riding a bike inside is so boring. However, after my recent operation I needed something to help me get fit again. I had lost almost 2 stone, which as I was quite skinny to start with meant that most of it was muscle.

I wasn't up to cycling on the road and although I was being taken for walks by the dog twice a day, I needed something more energetic. Decathlon is a large French sports retailer, with several shops in the UK. Their stuff is generally of good quality and inexpensive.

I chose this turbo as it was the cheapest in the range, but had good reviews. It folds flat when not in use, so is easy to store. It's also very easy to "connect" to your bike and works with the three most common wheel diameters.

I cycle for two 30min sessions per day and combined with walking it's helped get me much fitter. I have solved the boredom problem by pinching my daughter's music stand and using it for my android tablet. I can now happily watch Amazon Videos and Netflix while I am peddling.

Yesterday, I did manage to get out on a proper road, but am starting six months of chemotherapy next week, so suspect I'll be back on the turbo trainer soon!

If you like cycling, but don't like getting cold and wet in the winter it's cheaper than going to the gym.

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